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High Quality Design

Our maljé chair has it all. Exceptionally timeless design, comfort and, in the spirit of maljé, absolute sustainability.

Material Selection

Our maljé chair is handmade in a small town in Münsterland. It consists of 99% solid oak wood, which we also source from Germany - a renewable resource that avoids long transport routes due to its regional availability and thus protects the environment. Only a single metal thread was used to make the backrest movable to comfortably fix the seat cushions we are developing. We want to make sure that there is no more annoying slipping of the cushions in our chair.


In- & Outdoor

Double oiled with natural hard wax oil will enhance the beauty of our chair even more. Robust timeless design for outdoor or indoor use. However, you shouldn't just leave it out in the rain, it wouldn't do it any good and most importantly, you certainly want to preserve the beautiful fresh look. So remember: keep it inside or protect it when it rains.

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