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The idea

The idea for the maljé kitchen had been floating around in our heads for a long time, because until now
we all had not yet found the kitchen that carries our attitude towards life.
In addition, our love of travel and discovery also means that we are constantly
constantly evolving and renewing ourselves. However, we do not look at ourselves like a reptile that
shedding a skin and slipping out renewed. Rather, we see ourselves as a drawing
drawing that is constantly being worked on. Each charcoal stroke makes it more unique, shapes it and is
it, and is wonderfully irrevocable. We love the adventures we live,
the stories we write, the experiences that draw us. This is exactly what
we wanted to create with our kitchen. A favorite place that preserves our stories
stories and will be able to tell them for many years to come. We do not want to
leave it behind when we move on, but rather to be able to take our favorite place with us
whenever a new adventure begins, to fill it with new stories, to expand the drawing.
to fill it with new stories, to expand the drawing.

The process

With all the emotions and thoughts, we then set about implementing it.
We had to find the right way to our clear goal, so to speak. Since we had to go beyond all the
emotions, we also have the highest demands on quality and a special
and a special demand for sustainability, this step was not quite so easy. The
questions we asked ourselves included: Which wood is the right one? Where
do we produce? How can we implement absolute flexibility at all?
That the maljé kitchen should be made of solid natural wood was clear to us from the beginning, because no other material can absorb and preserve our stories so wonderfully.
our stories so wonderfully. So now we were faced with the question of which wood would be best  best suited for an adventurer's kitchen. In the end we decided to use solid
oak. There are several reasons for this: on the one hand, oak is very sturdy
and comparatively easy to maintain, which has the advantage that the kitchen causes you as little and does not require any special care in handling, and it is a very resistant wood, which hardly warps, so that the kitchen keeps its shape and and stability, making it a long-lasting companion; Moreover, the oak is native and not rare in our country, this gives us
two advantages, on the one hand we can avoid long transport routes in the sense of sustainability long transport routes in the first step, on the other hand, it makes oak wood a comparatively affordable comparatively affordable wood, with the corresponding properties, which in turn an optimal ratio between cost and quality / durability for you.
Then the question arose of where and how to produce in order to make quality verifiable, to keep transport distances short and to be able to guarantee individuality. After many finally found an answer after many discussions with producers all over Europe.
which we are very satisfied with: We now work with a carpenter's workshop in Münsterland, Germany which can customize the dimensions of each kitchen, where we personally
can personally check that our quality standards are being met, and at the same time
and at the same time the transport distances are kept short in that the wood from Germany is also Germany is also processed "on site".

The kitchen


So here it is, the maljé kitchen. The kitchen that will accompany you throughout your life, if you
want it. It adapts itself to you, your needs and your possibilities and that
constantly. It grows with you, it changes with you and it moves with you as often as you like.
you want it to. And all this without giving you any trouble! Because the maljé kitchen is
as flexible as you are.
The basic structure consists of up to three building blocks: the feet, the worktop and (optionally) a
(optional) a back panel - all made of natural wood. The size of each building block is
is individually adjusted to perfectly fit your possibilities. Just as
the cut-outs for the stove and sink are individually fitted. Each maljé kitchen is
unique, just like those who work in it.Beyond the basic building blocks, you have numerous options to expand your maljé kitchen
kitchen at any time. We offer you various mobile containers and cabinet modules, in which you can
modules in which you can store everything that should not just stand around loose in the kitchen.
in the kitchen. The mobile containers are perfect as flexible base cabinets, both for the oven and dishwasher, as well as for drawers.
dishwasher, as well as for drawers or open storage compartments, but you can also use them
as a seat or as an elevation when you are working with your children in the kitchen.
(the castors are of course lockable!) and you can use them as a great extension to your dining table
to your dining table, if the space is not enough. The cabinet modules are
with open storage compartments or drawers and they are also absolutely flexible due to
absolutely flexible.

Thanks to the flexibility of each module, you can rearrange your maljé kitchen very easily,
if you ever feel the need for a change, while at the same time you can expand
expand both the work surface and your dining area as needed, using the surface of the
the surface of the containers, and you can even cook sitting down if you feel like it!
feel like it! What's more, you can also easily move your maljé kitchen with
when the next adventure knocks at the door: Zack, connections disconnected,
unscrewed the legs, carried them out, carried them in, screwed the legs back on, reconnected the
and first of all you can relax and prepare dinner for all the helpers! And another
another plus point: You can keep your maljé kitchen super easy to clean, even under the
"simply rolled away, wiped through, done!

maljé in
der stylus

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