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Inspired by our travels and the desire to make the fashion world a little bit better, we founded maljé. We welcome everyone who wants to wear cool sustainable fashion with a touch of vacation feeling. Because that's exactly what our pieces are made for. 

We integrate sustainability wherever we can!

maljé stands for a lifestyle where sustainability is a matter of course.

With our products, we contribute to a better world because we act in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible way and thus incorporate all three pillars of sustainability into our brand. We are not interested in offering you more and more, faster and faster, but a selected, high-quality assortment that will give you pleasure for a long time.


Of course, we are also aware that there is a lot of greenwashing in the fashion industry.
Therefore, we would like to show you below exactly how we act sustainably from the materials, through production to shipping.






100% organic cotton, renewable raw materials & recycled materials

At maljé, we make conscious decisions about who we work with and what materials we use. We put a lot of emphasis on sourcing sustainable and high quality raw materials that do not harm humans, animals or the environment. Our main producers, one of which is already GOTS certified (the other is about to be), uses only certified organic cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable materials such as modal, natural fiber fabrics like banana, eucalyptus, lyocell, organic silk and vegan leather.

If shipping, then sustainable

We have been looking for packaging that is good for our environment and we are very happy to be able to offer one of the most sustainable options currently available. 


Our products are shipped in a cardboard box made of grass paper. The carton consists of 30% grass in addition to the regular wood fibers! Grass is a fast growing raw material. It grows back faster than wood, which is why the packaging is more environmentally friendly. In addition, less water, energy and chemicals are needed in the production of the cartons. The transport of grass has also been optimized in such a way that large amounts of CO2 are saved compared to wood.


All other components of the delivery package, such as the cards, wrapping paper or labels are also made of recycled paper or similar sustainable materials. In addition, we have decided against printing the cardboard boxes. So you can continue to use the box for sending packages or as a storage box. 


Important: If you don't want to use the cardboard anymore, please dispose of it in the paper garbage can to support the recycling cycle of waste paper. 


We ship CO2-neutral with DHL-GoGreen.

Responsible production

Because we value fair working conditions for factory employees, we have deliberately chosen a main production partner with a limited number of factories. They provide us with customized, high quality, sustainable and fair trade production. Our production partners visit their factories on a daily basis and make sure of the welfare of the employees as well as the fair working conditions on site. This is confirmed by the membership of production in the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012.


komm! Charity

Charity for Uganda

Support with the purchase of a product the

project "Acht Pfoten für Uganda".


With our dog Suki we visit the komm! dog school. The trainers
there helped us to turn the naughty street dog into a loyal companion.
In addition to all the power that the dog school employees put into the training of humans and dogs,  the dog school is involved in volunteer projects.

In the current project "Acht Pfoten für Uganda",  two Labradors, Amalia and Noah, are trained to become therapy dogs. 

Soon they are going to the Children's Crisis House in Uganda and are going to make many kids happy. With a purchase of the komm! products you automatically donate to this great project.

All dog school members, but also all others who would like to, are cordially invited to browse through the
store and do good while shopping!

Here you can follow the project:

Image by Vince Gx


Mit dem Kauf von maljé Produkten werden nicht nur die Umwelt geschützt und faire Arbeitsbedinungen sowie Bezahlungen sichergestellt, sondern auch Projekte im Senegal unterstützt. 

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit dem "Hilfe für Senegal e.V." ( ist es uns möglich direkten Einfluss auf verschiedenste Hilfsprojekte zu haben.

Aktuelles Projekt - Digitalisierung eines Klassenzimmers

  • Gymnasium Malick Sy 

  • in Thiés 

  • zweitgrößte Sekundarschule der Region

Durch das Aufkommen der Pandemie auf Grund von Covid 19 im Jahr 2019, musste die Schule gezwungenermaßen schließen. Die Schüler:innen mussten zuhause bleiben und durch die fehlende Digitalisierung konnte der Unterricht monatelang nicht weiter stattfinden. 

So engagiert die Lehrer:innen der Schule auch waren, konnten sie diese Herausforderung, aufgrund der mangelnden Ausstattung, nicht meistern. Sie haben erkannt, dass der Unterricht nicht mehr so wie bisher fortgeführt werden kann. Es muss eine Digitalisierung der Schule stattfinden. Die Lehrer:innen waren nicht untätig und starteten Aufrufe an ihre wohltätigen Partner. 

Wir haben gemeinsam mit unserem Partner, dem Verein "Hilfe für Senegal e.V.", Hilfe angeboten. Und nur mit EUCH können wir unser Versprechen halt. Von jedem verkauften Artikel, wird ein Teil des Erlöses dafür verwendet, dem Ziel eine Stück näher zu kommen! 

Ziel des Projekts ist es, ein ganz normales traditionelles Klassenzimmer in einen Multimediaraum umzuwandeln. Es soll zunächst renoviert werden und anschließend mit einem White Board, Computern, Tablets und weiteren digitalen Medien ausgestattet werden. Dies ist der Traum einer ganzen Schule. Helft uns den Traum wahr werden zu lassen! 

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