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Vegan oilcloth roll as a plastic-free alternative to cling film & aluminum foil.


  • Bye-bye plastic: wrap your food with the sustainable vegan oilcloth rolls made from natural raw materials. 
  • Reusable: Up to one year your vegan oilcloth accompanies you with good care & keeps your food fresh.
  • Handmade in Germany: The cloths are lovingly handmade regionally and fairly in Germany.
  • Basis: Fabric made from GOTS cert. Organic cotton, vegetable candelilla wax, pine resin.
  • Packaging made from regional grass paper


Wondering what it is? Simple: a plastic-free and reusable alternative to aluminum foil and cling wrap! Our roll is based on GOTS certified organic cotton, pine resin and candelilla wax - which is a vegetable wax, so our rolls are also vegan!


What's more, they are produced in Germany, or more precisely in Bavaria. How it works? You simply cut out the size and shape you need, wash the cloth once under cold water and place it over the container to be covered or directly around vegetables, fruit, cheese or your bread. Then you simply use the heat of your hand to shape it accordingly - just as you would normally do with foil.

The cloth then keeps this shape all by itself, thanks to the cooling wax!


Very important: please do not use the cloths for raw meat or fresh fish!

What else you should know: the cloths are super easy to clean, just wash them under cold water and use a little alcohol-free organic dishwashing detergent for heavier stains. After that, they can air dry.

Also, please remember that plant wax is heat sensitive, so store your roller and cloths where it won't get above 25°. You can then reuse the cloths up to 500 times without worry!

Vegan Oilcloth Roll

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